How to Engage Visitors
Open body posture
Look toward someone
Acknowledge or Greet them ( How you enjoying the show)
Watch for signs of interest (pause, slowdown)
Ask a Question or invite into booth- Example of questions:
What were you hoping to find at the show?
How are you enjoying the show?
What have you found most interesting so far?
3 Visitor Types
Casual visitors – How to get out of an interaction?
Thank them for stopping
Hey you know what (offer a gift)
Appreciate you stopping by
Thanks for stopping by
Use giveaways
Direct them to another booth
Ask a favor
Use a non-verbal gesture to get help, hands in pocket, (boss comes and say you have a meeting, bail you out
Information seekers – Visitors who walk up to your booth and ask questions
Tell me about your store?
What’s your interest?
What’s prompting your interest?
Buyers – What brings you by our booth, tell me your interest in our services.

10 Attributes of An Effective Booth Staffer
Positive Attitude
Professional and Courteous
Physical Energy
Outgoing personality ( Hi how you doing, I am (name) and you are?)
Effective Questioner ( its not what you tell is how you ask)
Good listener
Don’t fear rejection
Knows products, company and market (extremely knowledgeable)
Can communicate concisely, persuasively and interactively
Has a commitment mentally
Pay Attention to Do’s and Don’t

Act like you want to be there
Work your shift
Keep your booth clean
Stand Don’t sit

Be Passive or Overaggressive
Hang with the gang
Use closed body postures ( eg: eyes closed , looking down)
Pre-judge visitors by appearance
Eat, drink and chew gum
Talk on cell phones or text

First 30secs of Interaction are Critical
The first buying decision is your people
Attendees make quick judgements about your company based on your staff
4 Step Welcoming Process
Ask an open ended discoverer question example:

Hi how you doing, welcome to 123 Kids Expo, my name is (name) and you are? I notice you were looking at our product/service, tell me a little about your interest.
What brings you by?
What were you hoping to find at the show?
How are you enjoying The show?
What have you found most interesting so far?
Invite to booth, and pass to staff member
Your staff makes or breaks your success
Attendees make quick judgement about your company and products based on your staff
Put your best people in your exhibit
Prepare them for success
Train your staff to effectively manage visitor interactions on the challenging exhibit floor, let visitors know “ your account manager is here to answer any questions”
3-7mins with a visitor
Once you notice no interest disengage
Kaisha Lee A Ping-Alfred

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