Show Policies

  • Eligibility/Registration
    Registration for 123 Kids Expo is welcome from all manufactures, distributors, importers/ exporters, wholesalers, retailers and service providers who which to exhibit. Prior to the show you should have an application on file with Trendy Trade Show Company. If you have not signed your application, please take a few moments to review, sign and return by email. Down payment must be made within 7days of registration.
  • Entrance Fee

Admission is free for Media Professionals, suppliers with a letter of assignment and children up
to 12 years of age accompanied by a parent.  Register online by April 15th 2020 for free entry. Children 13 and over require a full price admission ticket. At the Door TT $30 (US $5).

  • Badges
    Badges can be picked up on May 1st 2020 , at the Radisson Hotel, Port of Spain from 10am-2pm, show badges are preprinted with your business name. Separate badges will be issued for persons involve only in setting up and dismantling. Only those with badges will be allowed to enter the building during setup and dismantle. Badges must be worn at all times during the event, and are non transferable. Keep track of your badges, if lost you would be required to purchase a ticket for entry. Please provide a form of ID to collect your badge
  • Locating the venue
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    The Radisson Hotel is situated in the capital of Port of Spain, Wrigthson Road just minutes away from the airport, 
  • Parking
    Parking is located on the compound by entering at the main entrance on Wrightson Road you will be directed accordingly. Sponsors will be issued a 2-day VIP parking pass. This pass is good for in and out privileges and can be passed to other staff in your booth if someone is not returning the next day. You may park near the building to off load in designated areas and move your vehicle once finish off loading. Do not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 10 mins. 
  • Finding your Booth Space
    Take your time to locate your space on the floor plan provided, which will also be posted to the website before the show. When you arrive, you will be given a show directory that also has a map locating your business. 123 Kids Expo personnel would be on site and can assist you with questions or concerns regarding your booth.
  • Ordering Electrical

Electrical will be provided for all 9′ x 9′ space and up. If you are going to need electrical or addittonal electrical at your booth, please fill out form. Additional electrical will be provided at a cost of TT$115.00. The deadline for ordering electrical is April 15th . You may call 1 868 712 7669. 

  • Preparation of food
    The use of stoves, furnaces or similar equipment, flamable liquids, liquid petroleum gas or any form of open flames is not permited on the compound. Sampling of food and beverages will be permitted within an exhibitor space. Cooking on site is prohibited. Exhibitors who wish to offer food sample must prepare these items off site before bringing them to the exhibition hall.

*123 Kids Expo reserves the right to add/change its policies at any time without notice